Iconic V Logo Cars: A Comprehensive List of Automotive Brands with V-shaped Logos, Features and Histories.

Popular Facts about Car Logos with V-shaped Design

If you take a look at almost any car brand, you’ll notice that many of them use a logo with a V-shaped design. Here are some popular facts about these logos:

V shaped logos are popular among car brands.The V shape is synonymous with speed, motion, and agility, which are all traits that car brands want to convey to their customers.
A custom car with v logo can showcase a brand’s personality and make it stand out.Using a unique V logo on a custom car can create a strong visual impact and give the car a distinctive look that sets it apart from other cars.
Car logos convey a sense of power, agility, and sophistication.The V shape represents movement and power, while also suggesting elegance and sophistication, which is why car brands often use it in their logos.
Car logos are often more than just aesthetically pleasing design elements and can carry significant meaning.The shapes, colors, and symbols used in car logos can represent a brand’s identity, history, or values.
Automotive emblems have tradition, folklore, and mystery behind their creation and evolution.Many car logos have a rich history and mythology behind them, such as the famous Mustang emblem, which was inspired by the wild horse that roams the American West.
Car logos often involve tradition, folklore, and mystery.Car companies often invest a lot of time and resources in researching and developing their logos, so that they can create a powerful visual identity that speaks to their customers.

So if you’re thinking of customizing your car, consider using a V-shaped logo to give your ride a sleek, powerful look that reflects your personality and style.

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed that some of the most iconic car logos are shaped like the letter V. This isn’t just a random coincidence; many car brands strategically incorporate the V shape into their logos to evoke a sense of speed, power, and precision.

Car Brands with V-Shaped Logos

Here are some of the most well-known car brands that feature a V emblem:


In addition to these brands, there are others that incorporate a V-shaped element into their logos, albeit in a less obvious way. For example:

  • Infiniti (whose logo is a stylized “Q” with a V-shaped line through it)
  • Citroen (whose logo is two chevrons that, when put together, form a V shape)
  • Axon (whose logo features an abstract V-shaped pattern)
  • Alpheon (whose logo is a stylized “A” with V-shaped lines on either side of it)

While these logos may not have the same obvious V shape as the other brands listed above, they still incorporate the V element in a way that conveys the brand’s identity and values.

Volkswagen and Volvo: The Best-Known Car Brands that Start with V

When it comes to car brands that start with the letter “V”, two of the most well-known names are Volkswagen and Volvo. Let’s take a closer look at these two brands and what makes them unique.


The Volkswagen brand is a German automaker, owned by the Volkswagen Group, that has been producing high-quality vehicles for over 80 years. The name “Volkswagen” means “people’s car” in German, which emphasizes the brand’s focus on making cars that are accessible to the general public.

Volkswagen produces a wide variety of vehicles that are sold worldwide, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and more. Some of the most popular models include the Golf, Passat, Jetta, and Tiguan.

One of the most recognizable features of Volkswagen is their logo, which prominently displays the brand’s name. The logo has evolved over the years, but it has always been a symbol of the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.


The Volvo brand is a luxury vehicle brand and subsidiary of the Chinese automotive company, Geely. The name “Volvo” comes from the Latin word for “roll”, which reflects the brand’s focus on safety and durability.

Volvo produces a wide range of vehicles, including sport utility vehicles, station wagons, sedans, and compact executive sedans. Some of the brand’s most popular models include the XC90, XC60, S90, and V90.

One of the most distinguishing features of Volvo is their logo, which features the iron alchemy symbol and the word “Volvo”. The logo is designed to represent the company’s focus on durability and longevity, with the rotating “iron” mark symbolizing the brand’s ability to withstand the test of time.

When it comes to designing a car logo, automakers understand that it needs to be more than just a pretty picture. Car logos are typically a blend of art and meaning that convey a deeper message about the brand and its history. These logos often involve cultural motifs, symbols, and myths that are deeply embedded in the brand’s tradition.

Car logos have always been an indispensable part of the brand identity. Consumers use them to instantly recognize and identify a car brand from afar. A well-crafted car logo can convey emotion, establish brand identity, and evoke thoughts and feelings that are unique to the brand. Many of the most iconic logos in the automotive industry have cultural and mythic meaning that go beyond the car itself.

Car LogoMeaning
Mercedes-BenzThe three-pointed star represents the company’s ambition to dominate the land, sea, and air.
BMWThe blue and white colors, and the spinning propeller originate from the brand’s history as an aircraft engine manufacturer.
AudiThe four rings represent the merger of four previously separate automakers who came together to form Audi in 1932.

Another noteworthy example of a famous car logo is the “V” logo employed by Volkswagen. The letters “V” and “W” correspond to “Volks” (meaning “people”) and “Wagen” (meaning “car”), respectively, in German. The brand has been around for over 80 years and has solidified its place in the automotive industry with a focus on affordability and reliability. The simplicity of the logo speaks to these values, as well as demonstrates confidence in the brand’s reputation, making it one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

If you’re a car enthusiast, you may have noticed that many car logos incorporate different shapes, designs, and symbols. One of the symbolic shapes commonly used in car logos is the letter “V.” Below are some notable car brands that incorporate an “upside-down V” emblem or symbol:

Car BrandSymmetrical Similarities
InfinitiInfiniti, a luxury vehicle brand, uses an upside-down V emblem which looks strikingly similar to that of the Honda Acura.
CitroenCitroen, a French automobile manufacturer, uses an upside-down v-shaped emblem in their logo.
AxonAxon is a Chinese carmaker which uses an upside-down V emblem in their logo.
AlpheonAlpheon, a premium vehicle brand by General Motors Korea, uses an upside-down V emblem in their logo.

It’s interesting to note that even with a similar symbolic shape, each car brand has its unique way of design and branding with respect to their logo. The individuality of each brand is reflected in their use of colours, design, and style to make their logos stand out from the rest.

There is no single reason why the “V” shape is commonly used in car logos. However, some theories suggest that the “V” can symbolize different concepts such as victory, velocity, and quality, all of which are synonymous with automobiles. Additionally, the “V” shape can convey a sense of stability and balance, which is crucial for a car brand to be seen as reliable and trustworthy.

The use of logos in car branding is essential as it helps differentiate one brand from another. Car logos are vital in creating brand identity and recognition in the minds of customers. It’s not uncommon for car enthusiasts to support a particular car brand because of its logo design, justifying that the logo design reflects the brand’s values and principles.

Ultimately, car logos have transcended beyond just being an emblem or symbol. They have come to represent an entire brand’s identity and essence, including its products, services, and culture. As the automobile industry continues to evolve, we can expect car logos to stay relevant and play a critical role in shaping the modern automobile industry.

Lesser-Known Car Brands with V-Shaped Logos

Have you ever noticed a car with a V-shaped logo and wondered what brand it is? You are not alone! While some car brands with V-shaped logos such as Volkswagen, Volvo, and Vauxhall are well-known, there are others that are not as commonly recognized. In this article, we explore some of the lesser-known car brands with V-shaped logos.

  • Vortex: Based in Britain, Vortex is known for its unique and exciting car designs that showcase the latest technological advancements. Their cars are built to deliver an unforgettable driving experience.
  • VŪHL: VŪHL is a Mexican/American automotive design company that burst onto the scene with the introduction of the VŪHL 05, an ultra-lightweight supercar that quickly gained popularity among sports car enthusiasts worldwide.
  • VAM: VAM was a Mexican car manufacturer that was active from the 1940s to the 1980s. They produced a range of vehicles from passenger cars to pickup trucks and even buses.
  • VDS Cars: VDS Cars is a Belgian sports car manufacturer that made a name for itself with its successful racing heritage under the VDS Racing team. They continue to develop high-performance sports cars that are a testament to their racing roots.
  • Vemac: Vemac is a Japanese automotive design company that specializes in building concept cars that incorporate the latest technological innovations in performance and design. They also developed a hybrid racing car called the Vemac RD320R for the Super GT series in Japan.
  • Virago Cars: Based in Britain, Virago Cars is a niche carmaker that produced the Virago Coupé to compete against other sports cars in the market. Their cars are known for their sleek and elegant design.
  • Vector Motors: Vector Motors is an American automobile manufacturer that is best known for developing supercars that are designed to deliver top-notch performance. Their cars are powered by powerful engines that make them stand out in the crowded supercar market.
  • Vörsteiner: Vörsteiner is an automotive company that manufactures high-quality performance parts and custom body kits for cars. They are known for their attention to detail and commitment to excellence.
  • VLF Automotive: VLF Automotive is a small American-based automotive company that produces the VLF Destino, a luxury car that combines state-of-the-art technology with classic American styling.
  • Vencer: Vencer is a Dutch niche manufacturer of expensive, powerful sports cars. They have released only one model so far, the Vencer Sarthe, which is a testament to their commitment to quality and excellence.

Interesting Facts about Car Emblem Design and Evolution

Car logos are more than just a brand or image; they represent the company’s history, reputation, and values. Each emblem design has a unique story to tell, and some have evolved over time to remain relevant to their customers. Here are some fascinating facts about car emblem design and evolution:

Car BrandLogo DescriptionLogo Meaning
FerrariPrancing horseSymbolizes speed, agility, and power
LamborghiniBullRepresents strength and speed
VolvoArrowSignifies safety, innovation, and forward-thinking
OpelLightning streaking across an open circleReflects speed, energy, and innovation
RenaultSilver diamondRepresents luxury and elegance
MaybachOverlapping letter “M”s on an orange backgroundSymbolizes luxury, sophistication, and exclusivity
PontiacUpside-down triangleReflects power, excitement, and sportiness
LotusYellow circle with a green, curved triangle featuring the company nameSignifies speed, agility, and precision
BentleySpread wings surrounding a bold “B”Represents speed, luxury, and elegance
Alfa RomeoVertically divided logo with two halves representing luxury and performance, respectivelyReflects the company’s focus on both luxury and performance
InfinitiPartial oval surrounding a road that loses itself into the distanceSignifies luxury, elegance, and forward-thinking
MaseratiTrident symbolizing fiery powerReflects the company’s speed, performance, and exclusivity
JaguarPowerful and agile jaguar catRepresents speed, agility, and precision
Aston MartinWingsReflects the company founders’ passion for driving and the first manufacturing of plane engines
AcuraCaliperRepresents precision engineering and luxury
SubaruSeveral silver stars in blueSymbolizes the merger of the five Japanese car companies that formed the larger company
BMWBavarian flag and a black circle with the BMW inscriptionReflects the company’s renaming from Rapp Motorenwerke in 1928
ChevroletBowtieUnclear origins, with various stories about its inspiration
AudiFour silver ringsRepresents the 1932 merger of the four oldest car manufacturers in Germany
MaseratiTridentInspired by a statue of the god of the sea in the company’s hometown of Bologna, Italy

These car logos represent more than just a brand; they represent the company’s history, culture, and values. Each design has a unique story to tell, reflecting the company’s focus on luxury, speed, power, or performance. While some logos have undergone updates, others have remained largely unchanged for decades. Despite their differences, car emblems continue to captivate our imagination and evoke feelings of admiration and loyalty.

Unique Concept Cars with V Logo Designs

When it comes to automobile design, logos play a vital role in brand recognition. The V logo, in particular, is both unique and eye-catching. There are several unique concept cars with V logo designs that every automobile enthusiast should see. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Veilside: The Veilside V logo suggests power, and that is precisely what this aftermarket automotive company provides through its body and engine tuning services and parts. From the Veilside Nissan GTR to the Veilside Fortune Mazda RX-7, this company has created striking designs that caught the eye of car enthusiasts all over the world.
  • Vision Industries: Based in California, Vision Industries is an automotive engineering, design, and manufacturing company that produces the Vision SZR sports car. The brand’s V logo design represents speed, power, and innovation. The company’s commitment to creating high-performance and visually stunning vehicles is evident in the SZR’s design.
  • Vandenbrink Design: Known for designing and building special coachbuilt Ferraris, Vandenbrink Design is a Netherlands-based automotive design and coachbuilding company. The logo’s V in a diamond represents luxury, sophistication, and attention to detail that Vandenbrink Design puts into every project it takes on.
  • Venturi: Venturi is a French electric car manufacturer specializing in high-performance electric cars designed for extreme driving conditions. They have a passion for creating electric supercars that look good, feel good, and perform well. The brand’s V logo design symbolizes the synergy between technology and beauty.
  • Valmet Automotive: Founded in 1968, Valmet Automotive is a contract manufacturer focusing on premium cars, convertibles, electric vehicles, and special vehicles. The V in their logo represents their versatile and innovative solutions for car manufacturing.
  • Vaillante: The fictional car company Vaillante was created for the French comic book series “Michel Vaillant.” The V logo symbolizes speed, racing, and victory. The cars themselves are known for their unique designs and often appear in the pages of the comic book series, as well as in the feature film adaptations.
  • Victress Manufacturing Company: The California-based company produces its first car, the Victress S1A, in 1954. The V design in their logo is meant to signify speed, sleekness, and sophistication. Each car is handcrafted, emphasizing the brand’s attention to detail and premium quality.
  • Avions Voisin: Gabriel Voisin established Avions Voisin, a French luxury automobile brand that was active from 1919 to 1939. The brand’s iconic V logo is a symbol of elegance, luxury, and innovation. The brand is remembered for its beautiful designs and innovative engineering back in the early days of automobile manufacturing.

Whether it’s the power of Veilside, the sophistication of Vandenbrink Design, or the innovation of Vision Industries, the cars with the V logo have something unique to offer. Every V logo carries a story and represents a legacy of automobile innovation and design. These unique concept cars serve as an inspiration to all automobile enthusiasts and remind us that innovation is still alive in the automobile industry.

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